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General HR

Our wealth of experience in business and people management means we are well equipped to resolve and advise on the most complex of issues whether these affect groups of employees, involve trades unions, or just one individual. In fact we relish the challenge!

We enjoy helping organisations solve the more difficult people issues.

Management Training

We can help your organisation increase its management skills across a range of different areas. From management training programmes to coaching and mentoring schemes designed to improve the quality of your management team's; business and people skills.

We also design training activities on how to deal with a range of employment issues from the management of redundancy to dealing with employees' poor performance.

We will tailor a development package to your organisation's specific requirements.

Redundancy Consultation

Redundancy and restructuring involves a series of legislative hurdles and minefields and as well as impacting directly upon individuals, it can affect the performance of the employees who you are depending upon to move the organisation forward. We'll help you steer through both the legislation and people issues connected with change and we'll ensure that this difficult procedure is carried out both legally, and to reflect the long term interests of the organisation.

We'll provide you with the best possible advice to help you avoid the risk of a successful claim to an Employment Tribunal.

Unless change and job loss is managed in the best possible way there is the risk that the performance of the “surviving employees” will plummet and cause you ongoing problems.

Our wealth of experience in dealing with redundancy allows us to help you plan for and cope with any problems that might arise. We will help you identify the most effective strategy that will meet your needs. We ensure that your managers have the neccessary skills and ability to action your plans and resolve issues in the most effective and advantageous way possible.

We are also always available throughout the process with hands on help and advice.

As a support to our strategic advice, we can develop training packages for both managers and employee representatives that will help them operate your redundancy plan.

We also offer a service to employee representatives in which we will support them through the whole process providing training and advice.

Assessment & Psychometrics Testing

Great organisations employ great people and we can help you ensure you recruit the right people so that you will grow and succeed.

Recruitment is costly and interviews are notoriously unreliable. Using our knowledge of testing and assessment, you can improve the reliability of your recruitment process by 200-300%. This will increase your success rate, reduce costs and the pain of having to deal with poor performers.

We are licensed users of a wide range of world class ability and personality tests and have significant experience of developing and running assessment centres that will meet your recruitment needs.

Our extensive experience of working with a wide range of organisations means we have a greater understanding of the pressures and constraints that exist. Therefore we can provide you with the most appropriate and cost effective people selection service.

Training Company Councils

Company councils offer an effective alternative to Trades Unions.

A company council is a representative body where management and employees can discuss and debate matters that impact upon employment within the organisation. Representatives are also often called upon to help and advise individual employees.

We have worked with many organisations, helping them to set up and operate effective consultative systems. Each one is different so we work with you to help develop a process that meets your specific needs.

We'll help you train managers and representatives to run the forum. A well run and administered company council will benefit the company as a whole, providing a voice for employees and creating a positive and open working atmosphere.

We also offer an ongoing service to employee representatives through which we support them across all of their activities. This can include advice on employment legal issues affecting individual employees, help and support on general employment issues and strategic advice where the council has responsibility for negotiating terms and conditions.

Dealing With Poor Performance

It is often difficult to deal with poor performers. We specialise in either helping you deal with these poor performers or, if you prefer, we can do it for you.

We can help you introduce and operate well proven methods that will deal with this difficult problem.


Absenteeism is a significant performance issue and one of the greatest frustrations of managers and team members alike. It affects productivity; it loses opportunity and destroys teamwork and motivation.

We can help you introduce and operate straightforward, firm but compassionate systems that will reduce absence and go on to control it.

Poor Performance

Poor performance is probably one of the biggest threats to your business. If people performance issues aren't resolved other employees get sucked in and overall standards drop. It is essential that poor performance is tackled quickly with the objective of helping the employee improve. If individuals are unwilling or unable to meet reasonable standards then dismissal is often the final stage.

We have designed a process that your managers can operate that will resolve performance issues and avoid the need for dismissal.

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